Tango with Ted




 Prosup’s legendary Tango Roller can now be equipped with the Tango Electronic Drive (TED) using a gear rack as the motor rail. While all other manufacturers work with belts or cables; Prosup chose the precision of a metal gear rack for their slider. The gear rack is indeed home-made by Prosup as it needed to cope with all Tango track segments and the transition of the gear rack needed to be as smooth as the Tango track itself.


Existing Tango Rollers can be modified to accept the motor and the drive unit. All this works off the 100mm bowl which needs to be exchanged. The brushless motor can easily move 15kg of camera load at top speed. Due to the super precise gear rack the slowest speed can hardly be seen. The control of the TED is done through the multi-functional DynaStick which is linked via cable to the main unit – optional RF control can be fitted as well. Speed, acceleration, deceleration, end stops and shot boxes can be set from the hand set. An input for a foot pedal or an external joystick is also built in. The motor drive unit of the TED can be disengaged as well, so that you can still use your Tango manually.