Support / Sponsoring

Camera Support Granderath annually supports the following organisatzions and urges other companies / people to do the same:
Greenpeace,  Amnesty International, Médecins Sans Frontière, Menschen für Menschen, Obdachlosenhilfe St. Bonifaz Munich, PLAN, SOS Kinderdörfer, Wikimedia, Whistleblower Network, Deutscher Kinderschutzbund, Johaniter and many more. If you can spare some money, let it do some good things. It will improve our world a little....and it will make you feel better. So for your own sake, don't stay apart, get involved!


We also sponsor certain projects or help produce documentaries which should be done. Our main emphasis is on the enviroment but also giving minorities a voice or reporting about discrimination of all kind is important to us. The many injustices which still exist in today's world need to be unveiled!

Co-Producing "The Cut" of Beryl Magoko -  a documenatry about Female Genital Mutilation    Trailer