Muraro Slider Support

 Designed for any slider CaSu joined forces with the Italian light stand manufacturer Muraro and created what they call the “Slider Support”.


The Slider Support goes as low as 61cm (24") and has a transport length of 74cm (29"). The maximum height is 131cm (51.5") and two of the feet are adjustable.
Many customers find the conventional light stands on the market a little too high and often unstable for slider support. 
The Muraro Slider Supports are an alternative to Matthews Slider Stands offering a flexible and economic solution to support your slider freeing up valuable tripods for conventional use.

 Depending on the material the Aluminum Slider Support weighs 5 kg (11lbs) with a 20kg (45lbs) capacity or 6.5kg (14lbs) in Steel with a 30kg (66lbs) capacity.


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