The Tango Reporter KIt - your speedy companion


You might say the Tango Reporter Kit is a slimmed-down version of the legendary Tango Pelicase Kit.

On the Tango Reporter Kit the 1m/3ft track is the base track without the intention to be extended. We found that for many of our precious customers a limited sliding range is absolutely acceptable if instead you can build smaller and act quicker.

A shorter transport length makes the unit compacter and lighter at the same time as the bag weighs in less than a case.

Your whole set up is quicker as the Tango Roller always remains on the track - even in transport! Indeed, smaller fluid heads may remain on the Tango while in transport.

Most extra parts are now integrated into the unit - such as monopods, end stops and rubber feet. You're ready to shoot within seconds!

Other than the bigger pelicase kits the Tango Reporter Kit is exclusively made for 75 and 100mm tripods. 

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