The idea of the Tango Roller


When we came out with the Tango, there were already a lot of sliders around. However, none of those convinced us, as we did not consider them  to be the ideal tool for a cameraman shooting News, Documentaries, Commercials or other non-movie stuff.

On the other hand the sliders for Cinematography were just too bulky and unhandy while those smaller sliders often used their own camera heads. That was a shame as often cameramen had already invested in brilliant 75 or 100mm fluid heads and were eager to use these on their new slider.

Thus it was clear to us that a 100mm bowl had to be the heart of our new slider. Also, this new slider should run on rubber rolls (like a Dolly) rather than on ball bearings like most others do.  The latter is always a little noisy and feels a bit rough while our own development of the Tango rolls provided a silent and smooth gliding for the chariot which we call "the Tango Roller".

Further our idea was that by design it should work like a Roller Coaster - once mounted it should also be possible to operate upside down (undersling). Another goal was to build a base track - only supported by a single central tripod - and make this base track as long as possible, so that extending (extra time!) can often be avoided. The 4' (1.20m) section was the perfect match, but had to be supported by small monopods at the end, to take out any possible play. Important for us was the fact that these monopods do still fit into the case. Thus the Tango Peli Kit was created and meanwhile 99% of our customers go for this one.


The Tango Pelicase Kit


consisting of the Tango Roller, 4' (1.20m) base track with tripod adapter, 3' (1m) extension track, 2 magnetic end stoppers,
2 monopods for 4' (1.20m) base track, 3 cross ties with leveling feet for ground use, a short tie down for most fluid heads with either M10 or 3/8" thread and the ingeniously utilized Pelicase.


Only if you want to extend the tripod-mounted base track, you will need an extra tripod or stand at the end of the 3' (1m) extension  track.
For this you will find the necessary adapters - 100mm half ball or Junior Stud - in the extensive accessory program.

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