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LapTop Dolly


Weight of dolly with wheels and steering rod: 44lbs (20kg)

Load Capacity: 330lbs (150kg)

Platform size (unfolded): 35.5x27.5" (90x70cm)

Material: Aluminium


Weight of dolly and accessories in case: 95lbs (43kg)

Pelicase size: 12.5x20.5x32" (32x52x81 cm)

Fluid head receptacle: 3x 100mm (integrated in dolly surface)

Mount for Riser: standard Euro mount

Mount for tripod: 3x rubber hooks (type Sachtler)

Track gauge: 62cm Standard

wheel options: 4x air tires, 2x track wheel curve, 2x track wheel straight; set of hard rubber studio wheels (optional)